Glynis Smith


Glynis Smith

Office Manager

About Me

I joined Gordon and Emma in November, 1999. Prior to this my working background was in Banking and Building Societies. I did have a 5 year spell at the Lion Inn, Blakey which is a local Public House and Hotel in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors. My real love was finance so after bringing up my three children to school age it was time to return. I took up a full time position with a local Building Society.

My current role with Active as Office Manager is very enjoyable. Keeping the office in order the best way I know how, with the great team of staff I work with, this is not a difficult task.

My administration roles have changed lots of times over the years, working for several companies under the Active Banner. It is still nice to speak to introducers that I first spoke to all those years ago, I tell them I am part of the furniture when they are shocked I am still here.

My family is my life – my job keeps me sane. I have three grown up children and now have three Grandchildren. I help out with childcare to allow their parents to work and go to University, just as my parents did for us.

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